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This Moment — Where There Once Was Water

In truth, I’ve probably been working towards this moment my whole life.
In measurable project-timeline-time, I’ve been working towards this moment for seven years. Seven is a magical number. And I like magic.

Also magic, is to feel the feels of finishing a thing that I started so long ago. A story that was burning so bright within, that it necessitated its own birth. A community that believed in that story from the very beginning – who lit the match with their financial support, to bring this story, burning bright, bubbling up to the surface. 

And here we are. Together. In this moment that has finally (so close I can taste it) arrived. My film, my baby – this story that burned too bright to stay within – is ready … for the world … for you … for us. “Where There Once Was Water” has been selected as the Closing Night Film for the (virtual) San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Closing Night is THIS SUNDAY, March 14th. Tickets are $15. Your ticket gets you online access to the film ANYtime on March 14th, plus a Live Panel Discussion at 5pm that evening. Please join. Please watch my film. Please absorb it into your being, and share your experience with me afterwards. It would quite literally mean the WORLD. 

And of course… Thank you to every single one of you who has helped to make this moment possible. Thank you to my editor, Garrett Russell. My composer, Brandon Maahs. Thank you to everyone in the film who trusted me with their story. Thank you to you all. I hope this film inspires you, and inspires us all, to love water, to be in relationship with water, and to write a new story, together. A Song for the Sacred in all of us.

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Photo by Xu Haiwei on Unsplash