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Summary of The tinder swindler

It begins with the regular perspective on ladies succumbing to rich men with extravagant photographs of vehicles and a way of life that causes them to feel one of a kind. In any case, it goes south when you see the exact picture.

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First and foremost, I love the way certain autonomous the ladies are and the way in which delightful they are. What disturbs you is the deception they succumb to even with the douche ”Simon Leviev” and how extravagant gifts and phony commitments are sufficient to trick them into a major wreck. However, I get where these ladies are coming from. It isn’t the way of life yet the way that the man causes you to feel exceptional. A man who makes sure to send roses fabricates that spot in your heart and gives you the security no one else has given. For this situation, he did that as a sweetheart to Cecilie Fjellhoy and as a companion to Pernilla Sjoholm.

He figured out how to draw them with an extravagant way of life, make them his compatriots, show them the excess measure of cash he had and make up stories to control them. Individuals rush to say the ladies are stupid to fall into the snare, however I have been there as well. Helped a sweetheart since he had some cash issues and paid in light of the fact that a lady can deal with a man as well yet before long understood the requests reliably expanded. He maintained that me should finance his new telephone, get him some food or help him with something or the other. Individuals frequently control their accomplices and keeping in mind that giving and aiding them isn’t an issue since you love that individual, it damages to realize they are messing around with you.

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Simon played these ladies, and keeping in mind that they thought he was in a difficult situation, he spent the cash on his excursions, his phony way of life, and con more ladies. His purported ”foes” didn’t exist, and it’s miserable to discover that his protector, colleague and the remainder of his staff were completely associated with this wreck. Yet, what circumvents comes around, and I accept Karma got to him for some time. Simultaneously, I feel terrible for Cecile going through such a difficult stretch and Pernilla giving her reserve funds to help her companion. I adored how Ayleen caused him to endure and played his game on him. The manner in which she took the entirety of his extravagant garments and sold them on eBay just to remain quiet about the cash was fantastic! The best vengeance of all time.

In that scene, we get to perceive how horrible Simon is. He passes on no second to hassle these ladies, and the long voice notes show his actual character. He is certainly not a destitute lord however a desolate and horrible man inside. You can’t construct palaces by harming individuals and feel that you can move away by breaking hearts and consuming pockets of the people who sincerely took robust credits just to keep you in the clear.

Eventually, we see he is as yet living a falsehood and a phony life, perhaps by as yet running a few tricks, however I guarantee you, nobody can be blissful by demolishing such countless lives. His fake life is out and knowing the individual he will be, he is inclined to run some trick.

Watch it if you haven’t.

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