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Reading Biographies Can Make You a Better Man

Many people are quite high on themselves and yet fail to consider that there are others out there, who also have achieved, perhaps even well beyond their dreams. It is good for us to celebrate the success, wisdom and accomplishes of others, as it can humble us and helps us see the good of humanity for all it is worth. There are two-books which I have recently read that I thought I might bring to your attention, perhaps this will help illuminate my point and help you push beyond your personal achievements to become that better man:

“No Guts No Glory” by John M. O’Keefe 1985.

The subtitle of this book is; “A true life story that demonstrates that anything is possible – if you have the willingness to dream and the guts to try.” I think that about says it all, however I would like to add a few things to this. Namely, that the story the book is about, the life of Roy E. Coats, is one about perseverance and will than anything else.

“Overdrive – a Personal Documentary” by William F. Buckley, Jr. 1983

This is a great book and it is wonderful to review the life of a great man who wrote so many great things and shared with us his literary prowess and most of all made us think. If you have never read much about him, you will find this book quite incredible and insightful. It is well worth the time to read. Although William F. Buckley has passed on, he left with us much intellectual stimulus and an incredible number of literary works.

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