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Pyre Case refers to the discovery of a young woman whose body was found burned in Blackhawk, Colorado in 1952. Her cause of death and identity remains unknown.

On September 30, 1952, a man on a hunting trip discovered the burned body of a woman under a large log. It was determined that the body had been there for several weeks. The autopsy revealed that the woman was struck in the head with a blunt object, but it could not be determined if this was her cause of death or the fire. After creating a facial reconstruction, detectives began referring to the Jane Doe as Maria.

facial reconstruction of the Jane Doe

The victim is thought to be between the ages of 17-30, 5’7″ tall, and possibly white. Her hair was either black or brown. Items found around her were: fragments from a sequined turquoise blouse, a small electric razor, metal rivets of blue jeans, a purse, sole of 1 shoe, 3 empty lipstick containers, a man’s ring without a setting, a Denver tramway token, 3 safety pins, 2 pieces of a broken handbag mirror, a rhinestone necklace, and earrings.

jewelry found near the victim

There is not much information about this case, along with the lack of evidence. This makes it much more difficult in determining who the woman was or who is responsible for her murder. It has been nearly 70 years without the woman’s identity, but hopefully with the new DNA technology, she will be given her identity back and her case can soon be closed.

news article released after the discovery of the victim


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