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Build Your Eolic Generator and Eliminate Your Electricity Bills

What is an Eolic Generator?

These devices, also called Wind Generators, are used to transform the kinetic energy of wind into Electric power.

They are normally composed of the following parts:

  • Rotor component: It includes blades used to convert wind energy to low speed rotation
  • Generator component: It includes the electrical generator, some control electronics and a gearbox to convert low rotation speed into high speed rotation
  • Support Structure: It includes the tower and depending on the size, it could also have a yaw mechanism.

The principle is quite simple. Just imagine a ‘big fan’ that instead of using electricity to produce wind, it works right in the opposite way, that’s to say, wind makes its rotor turn and this rotation is directly used to generate electric power. 

Eolic generators are considered today as one of the main alternatives to fuel based energy. That is why many ‘Wind farms’ are being installed worldwide. I am sure you have already seen them at least in pictures or documentary videos.

Could We Apply This Technology At Home?

Absolutely. Although they have historically been considered as very expensive machines averaging $5,000, this is not the case any more. Today, you could build your own generator for less than 100$ and get up to 3,000 Watt of renewable energy at home. This is why they are becoming more and more popular every day.  

What Are the Benefits of Building a Wind Generator?  

  1. First of all you will be making a real difference fighting global warming and helping to save our planet!
  2. Your electricity bills will be greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated – You might even find yourself getting paid by the power company!
  3. No electricity bills means more fresh money in your pockets, ready to be used on more important things
  4. Building an eolic generator could be a fantastic home project where all the family could participate and have fun.
  5. It could also represent a good business opportunity. Just consider this: An Eolic Generator can be built with only 100$ and they could easily be sold at an average price of 500$. Just producing 10 generators per month, which is absolutely conservative, pays you a whole salary. Make sense?

Where Can I Find More Information?

Just surfing the web you will find many online guides to build your Eolic Generator. Most of them will also guide you to combine this technology with other renewable energy solutions, like Solar Panels. You can also follow the link below where you will find a full review of the best online guides in the market.  This could save you time while helping you make the right decision. 

Eolic Generator Guides Review

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Photo by Xu Haiwei on Unsplash